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Covers your pans

The cooking system that uses the principle of the Venturi tubes (Italian scientist who lived in the '700) allows you to modulate the coming out steam, and turn every pot or pan, of any size in diameter in a perfect ventilated oven steam (ideal for a healthy cooking), or in a irreplaceable fryer (which does not allow the oil to pass the smoke threshold and to become harmful for the organism), or in a very efficient microwave (which thaws while it bakes) and also in a toaster.

Unbelievable but true!

In fact, the magic lid on any pot or pan, allows the coming out of cooking steam and heat to not exceed the temperature for a homogeneous cooking. Moreover, all the food principles are not modified and the flavor of food is intact.

Eating healthy

A healthy diet means a better life. You’ ll be able to cook without fat improving taste and flavor. Removes bad smell of frying and cooking and of the fried or cooked food.

Economic ed eco-friendly

The cooking coordinates three combinations:

1) The humid heat that is formed inside the pan

2) The heat reflected from the lid downward

3) Constant air recycling (Venturi effect)

Save exertion, time and money. You can use the oil for frying more than once, even for different foods the flavor remains intact. Warning: Even in case you cook more different foods together at the same frying pan , the flavor of each food remains isolated . Eg. Frying fish along with french fries, the fish will maintain its flavor and the french fries will keep their taste.

Convenient and adaptable
A lid is usable with more pans of smaller diameter. It needs no maintenance, is washable and it is drop-forged 18/10 of stainless steel, almost indestructible.

Less effort

The patented cooking system is based on the principle of the Venturi tubes. It can be transformed into grill, fryer, toaster, microwave or ventilated oven steam .You can bake pizza or sweets, as if it was baked in a traditional oven.

Less time

From the freezer to the pan. You can defrost and cook at the same time as if it were fresh food, so that the nutritious substances of food can be intact .The flavor of food remains intact.


If used correctly ,splashes or coming out of liquids can be avoided , so that it prevents from burns and dangers flames, keeping the stove, kitchen furniture and accessories always clean.

Recipe book is included in the package: Recipe Magic Cover

Discover our stainless steel magic lid
An italian miracle produced in Italy

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