The TRE.I Srl is a company which is specialized in the sale of products in stainless steel, from the raw material (semi-finished products, etc.) to multiple sectors using this beautiful metal, turning SIA at the National Market abroad.

We are expert in the oil and wine sector, offering a wide range of food liquid storage containers of various capacity, totally "made in Italy".

We have top products available on our e-commerce site. Containers for liquid foods  which can be used either in food sector or in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industry. The containers are equipped with stainless steel spigots with a saving drop system. Available in various models and sizes, besides a wide range of useful accessories.

Thanks to the collaboration with Italian qualified manufacturers, which provide a continuous technical assistance to our customers, we offer an excellent product line in nautical sector, professional decoration, aspirations, air treatment and restaurants.

In 2014, we decided to expand our e-commerce by adding some household equipment. That idea comes from the versatility of the production of stainless steel. Nowdays,  its use is applied in all sectors, especially in the kitchen equipment. Actually it has impressed us the idea to propose ourselves in the kitchen equipment as well, and bring in the houses of our customers a wide range of products, so that we can meet all types of requests.


Our points of strength in sales are the following :

High quality of our products


Fast product delivery

Customer service available

Satisfaction of customized requests

The products available on our website are chosen by the most important companies of the stainless steel sector and this fact enables us to offer an excellent value for money ...... Good navigation !!!



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